1. Review the how/where/when you write - if you're not sure about this, go back to the discussion of Week 4.
  • What did you notice?
  • What are you going to incorporate into your writing practice and what are you going to exclude?

2. Review the instructions of the journal you are submitting to. Make sure you are clear about all the features of the article like font, size of font, reference style, tables and figures and structure. Review the language you are using to write the article - are you using the format and language that will appeal to the audience of this particular journal?

3. Write the abstract for your article. The abstract is the précis of the whole article rather than a summary of what you particularly want people to take away which goes into your conclusion.

4. Decide on a title for your article. If you are not sure of the style of title, have a look at the journal you are submitting to get a sense of what it prefers. Here are some possibilities.
  • A question.
  • Sentence with a colon or a semi colon that identifies the findings or the topic as well as the methodology.
  • Short descriptive sentence.
The main thing is to come up with a title that will catch the readers' eye and stand out in a Google search or electronic database.

5. By now you should have completed at least half of your article. By next week, have the whole article completed and be ready to go. Give it to your critical friend for editing and feedback.