1. Critical friend
Find a critical friend who will work alongside you to give you editorial support.

2. Key points
Write down 2 - 5 key points that you want the reader to go away with once they have finished reading your article.

3. Starting with the conclusion
Once you have come up with your key points, put them into a coherent paragraph of 150 words. Give the paragraph to your critical friend for feedback on congruence and conciseness.

4. Mapping information and argument
Map the information and arguments that lead up to these key points - this will eventually become the discussion section of the article. This piece of work should take up 1 - 2 pages. It need not be full sentences but may be bullet points and themes. Or use a pictorial mind map approach. Give this map to your critical friend for feedback about congruence.

5. Email study group
You are very welcome to join the email group: Publication Boot Camp. However, please be mindful that this is a small group with transient membership. You may find someone to give you editorial support, but then again, you may not.